Installer fails on Windows admin rights request

I was recently given a link to your site, so I signed up for an account and downloaded the software for Windows 10, the version shown below.

When I run the installer, no matter which type (i.e., Typical, Custom, Complete) I try, I get the following error that an existing Windows Installer process is already in use.

Since your installer is running inside the Windows Installer process, quitting the WI process also kills the installer, preventing me from installing the software.

I am using an Alienware 15R3 with Core i7 7700HQ CPU, 16GBs of RAM, an Nvidia GTX 1060 video card with 6GBs of VRAM, and Intel integrated graphics. Windows is completely up to date and all drivers are current.


  •  Seriously? Not one response in four days? Nice. I don't expect much from free, but if I can't install it, why would I ever consider upgrading?

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    Sorry for the lack of response, but please keep in mind that the vast majority of forum members (including mods) are fellow users, and not everyone is comfortable offering advice on deeper technical issues. Official FXhome staff will occasionally jump in, but my gut says they tend to prioritize requests that come in via the official Support request system.

    I'm on a Mac, but am peripherally aware of some issues with Alienware systems for Windows users. Check out this page for details:

  •  Thanks, Clever. All I wanted was a response, so thanks as well for this :) Thrice thanks for the link to the support system!!!

    Happy Holidays!


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