Alternative 3D Geometric Modeling using 3D Text layer

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Hello everybody. 

I've been experimenting the 3D text tool in a unique way that brings out wonderful and

exciting 3D results in no effort.  As far as I've been testing this method,

it seems one can spend years with this simple technique. You've been warned :)


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    @AAVFX Absolutely amazing as always with your tutorials...and your backgrounds.  I am in awe of you and others who see ways to use the tools other than for what they were created.  Kudos to you.

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     Hi man! Very much appreciated.

    Simplification is the key for a true progress.


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    Nice, I'm all about simple. :)

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    Very clever technique. 

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    Thanks Triem23, It's an honor to be a part of this growing community. 

    I'm glad I can bring new insights on this great software.



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    Very clever indeed!

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    FilmSensei, my man. How are you doing?

    I saw your latest announcement about your channel.

    YouTube doesn't take breaks from uploads in a positive way. 

    It might bring your channel to a dormant state in views and in general of new uploads.

    I recommend you'll make more announcements from your cellular , just to keep it alive.

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    @AAVFX I seem to be a lucky abberation. My sub base doubled in 2018, despite not actually releasing new material. I can only assume the growth will continue when I relaunch in Jan. 

    @FilmSensei will get away with the break. A nice thing about good tutorials is they get a small, but steady series of continuing recommendations across the web when they answer a specific question that comes up a lot. Jay's "Draw in the air" is a great example. His clever use of Lightsword is a clever trick that applies to a lot of questions  so gets cited a lot. Jay also currently has the best tutorial on Hitfilm's Quality Settings  and that's another issue that comes up a lot. I'm still picking up traffic from having the go-to tutorial on file formats and transcoding. 

    Your tutorial in this thread will probably get  recommendations in the future to mograph guys and people trying to recreate some of the abstract looks created by Red Giant Tao and Mir, cuz it's just **** nifty. Takes a bit of play before one can start controlling the build with any regularity, but it's a really fun technique for creating abstract designs.

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    @Triem23 It's not about subs , it's about staying relevant.

    YouTube's algorithm recommends channels that are more active than older non-active ones.

    If your views will drop below a certain threshold, you'll be discontinued from their partnership. 

    You should check the numbers at their actual workshops,  if you attend them occasionally.

    Anyways, good luck and thank you for all your online activity and tips on this forum. Appreciated much. 


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    Thanks for this, its a interesting  method . You think out side  of the box :)

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    This is no box (spoon...)

  • AAVFXAAVFX Website User Posts: 36

    Hi everyone.

    As requested, more screen recordings of geometric alternative 3D modeling experimentation.

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    @AAVFX Thanks for the walk through video!  Finally had some time to follow along the first few minutes and I was able get some pretty good results.  Only problem is as you diddle the controls it's hard to reproduce and be able to repeat the effect with keyframes.  Maybe the trick is to just record the screen as you experiment?

    Reminds me of what we used to do back in the analog video days.  We'd spend idle hours in the TV station control room between newscasts piddling with the DVE and feedback through a Grass Valley switcher.  Since we couldn't always reproduce the same effect the best bet was just to roll tape and capture the session.   Wound up with some pretty nifty moving backgrounds that way that we could later use in commercials or promos.

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    The walk though really could be running in real-time, but It would mean that instead of 30 min or so,

    you'd get a 180 min. video, and that's really long. 

    That's really to give you just the idea on how to use this method, not really to show you exactly how

    to make  a shape like myself - but more to give you the notion on how to make them yourself. 

    There could be too many results, so test this as you might, you could do much more than shown here.

    Good luck, and TYSM.



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