Retro Sci-fi short film

FlickeringLightFlickeringLight Website User Posts: 58

I was asked by a sound-artist friend to create some visuals to accompany a sound-work he was making based on a 1959 short story by Cordwainer Smith, as our collaboration progressed, it developed into a short film animated in PoserPro, composited, edited, effects in HitFilm Pro. Hope you enjoy and thank you for looking


  • GavinBarkerGavinBarker Staff Website User Posts: 98

    The sound design on this was unsettling...but really effective! I couldn't look away, even though I wasn't necessarily understanding what was actually happening.

    A really interesting piece of work by yourself and your sound-artist friend, I'd certainly love to see more collaborations between the both of you!

  • FlickeringLightFlickeringLight Website User Posts: 58


     thank you, I hope we are able to produce more works together too, though it has been almost 20 years since our last,  when Raye helped me get a soundtrack added to my first film, which was shot on Video 8 and edited in camera back in 1999


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