MUSIC-VIDEO[Our latest work] A Faroese love story...

I would like to present our latest work. A music-video filmed in the remote Faroe Islands. I wrote a hefty description on Vimeo. But to sum it up: The music-video is about two lovers in the Faroe Islands during the turn of the 19th century. 


Hope you enjoy it. Feedback is very much welcomed, you are also free to share it on social media pages if you like. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)




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  • KirstieT
    KirstieT Posts: 1,272 Staff
    Couldn't watch all of it at my desk as it was a little NSFW at points, but I really loved the first couple of shots of the woman on top of the cliff. Beautiful cinematography in that respect. 
    I think there was a little bit of discrepancy between the story scenes and that of the singers. I guess with a 19th century love story there is going to be difference but it was very contrasting and it seemed to me like it could have worked better with a concentration on the story with overlayed audio, without the scenes of the singers. However I totally understand that in a music video you'll want to do both.
    I think it was the guy with the sunglasses which threw me off entirely - he just looked very out of place and comical against the story scenes. 
    However it's worth pointing out that I only speak english and so didn't have the story explained to me in the lyrics - I had to rely on just the visuals. I'm sure the script added a lot to the music video that I couldn't possibly have got my way :) Good luck with the competition!!