final product loses FPS when exported

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i recently have started editing videos from my Xbox game DVR and when i upload them into the media panel it says that they have a frame rate of 29.97 FPS and when i preview the videos(from  my folder not in the Hitfilm viewer) they look pretty smooth, but when i export the videos they become a lot choppier and look a bit more like 15 FPS. i have linked the media footage before and after i had put it in Hitfilm and the setting i used along with the export page. Any help would be appreciated. 


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     at the time of posting this discussion it seem that the video hasn't finished processing. please could you give it a few minuets and check back later. thanks.

    Edit: it is up and ready now

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    The export is 29.97 as expected but looking at your source media it is variable frame rate. Most editors do not like variable frame rate video. Hitfilm tries to handle it but often does a bad job of it. This is probably the stutter you are seeing in your export. Hitfilm mishandling the variable frame rate to constant frame rate conversion.

    Transcoding your source media to constant frame rate cures this issue. Here is a video discussing the topic and it's description contains links to forum threads with even more information.

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    will i need to trans-code every video I record to be able to make the export not as choppy. surely there is an alternative better way because to trans-code every video will take a very long time as i record in 45 second clips.

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    May want to see if you can record using constant frame rate so you don't run into that issue.  Some transcoders may allow you to batch process all of them instead of doing them one by one.

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    "will i need to trans-code every video I record to be able to make the export not as choppy."

    Yes, of course.

    As mentioned there are ways to batch process media. The exact technique depends of course on the specific tool used to transcode.

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    I've been going through the transcoding argh!ivation also lately... I have footage I need to share, but it's way to big for cloud based sharing...

    My tools of choice for transcoding have been LightWorks and Scratch, but they're not free. For my source files though, there's only one free option, but it's not quite as nice as the ones I use. 

    DaVinci Resolve might be a good choice, btw. I used that for one of my recent transcodes, and it worked nicely, and is also free... but unless you pay for the Studio version (which isn't expensive, but it's still money) you might not get as much performance as with Handbrake.

    Handbrake will probably do the trick, and it has a batch mode so you can set up a profile using one clip to get the settings figured out, save those settings as a preset, and then batch a whole folder's worth of clips. Start that off before going to bed and hopefully it will be done by the time you get up.


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