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Hard getting used to HitFilm. I am so set in my ways with Vegas Pro.
How do you crossfade? Are there more transitions and effects than what comes with it? Seems lacking in that department.
Also, I cannot seem to get a transition to fully work - the additive and cross dissolve just seem to turn on the next clip - no gradual ramping up or down.
Oh well, I am sure i'll come to terms with HitFilm sooner or later. Playing with the effects that are there is quite fun.


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    If you add a transition between two connecting clips it should indeed transition from one clip to the next. Do you get the proper transition using any of the other transitions?
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    Which transitions are you looking for that aren't included? If you give us a list of transitions you find useful we can add them to the list of transitions to be added in the future, if they aren't already on it. We tried to get as many of the genuinely useful transitions in for launch as we could, leaving out the gimmicky, silly effects like venetian blinds and page turns and checkerboard patterns, which are less useful for actual films, though occasionally fun for home videos and such. But if you have suggestions for specific transitions that aren't there, let us know so we can consider adding them in the future.
    When you add the transitions, I'm wondering if it is there, but not displaying properly? If you advance frame-by-frame through the transition, using the > key, does it transition from one clip to the next? Or does it still display a hard cut from one clip to the other?
  • I know this is and old discussion, but I thought this might be better than starting anew one.

    I really like hitfilm but everything I know about editing was learned in Sony Vegas. I'm trying to learn the 'hitfilm' way. The first area I'm having a problem with is transitions.

    I want to fade from one scene to another. this wants to be a slow fade so the sound and images are  both coming in slowly. If I put the video on the same video editing line and do a crossfade there doesnt appear to be any options for fading the sound of second media clip in over the first. If I put the video on its own line I get that ugly (apologies but this is my opinion) pixelated dissolve in for the video.

    Am I missing something?

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    I mentioned this also in another thread and Triem also agreed that its so much easier with vegas to do crossfade between two clips. Just drag the clips over each other its auto crossfade. Adjust the falloff to your liking then its done.

    I hope they try it in vegas how it works..

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    Audio transitions are a separate thing, since audio is on a separate track. Add a video transition where you want to fade video.  And an audio transition where you want to fade audio.

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    Sorry this took so long for me to look at.  Became so busy with other stuff.  I have since bought Hitfilm 4 Pro.

    I mostly use fades and dissolves - like additive dissolves, flash fades (gives a bright flash), cross dissolves, etc.  Cuts are stupid easy and require no transition at all.

    Audio crossfades are a must have.  I see there is now envelope editing and that is massively important and can be used for fades, but a true auto crossfade that can be dragged for time would be huge, both in audio and video.

    Otherwise, I plan on creating my own transitions.  For example, I have a Harry Potter themed project and so I will be creating a Harry Potter wand transition using a hand holding a wand, a incantation is quickly uttered, the wand is moving a bit and then particles (very much like the tutorial) stream and causes a screen flash of some kind transitioning to the next scene.  This, of course, will be used sparingly and mostly for the main areas.  Fades and dissolves for everything else.

    I will try to edit 100% in Hitfilm, so please understand if I ask a zillion questions.