suddenly all the audio files get error signs whenever i try to open them

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So i was gonna add an audio file and a video that already has audio into hitfilm, And apparently all the audio files are errored, Almost like the audio file for the entire hitfilm just poofed away, I've tried literally everything i know and i can't seem to fix it, Can someone please tell me how to fix this, I really need to know.

Also the errors on the files just show a triangle and a "!" in the triangle, Don't know if that's called anything but still, Is this fixable?


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    What version of Hitfilm are you running? 

    Sounds like you're editing screen captures of games (also, you're "GamingNightmare," which is a hint....), so your source footage is probably Variable Frame Rate (VFR).

    Hitfilm tries to correctly interpret VFR footage, but, for technical reasons  this can often fail (most NLEs don't even try to interpret VFR). 

    Probable solution is to transcode your footage to Constant Frame Rate (CFR). Once you have CFR files you can right-click the original VFR files in your project media bin, select "Relink" then choose the CFR version to swap it in. 

    This video covers the why's of VFR vs CFR and discusses several free ways to transcode. It also discusses the MediaInfo tool - and, something else you should do is generate a "Tree" report of one of your source files and paste it here. That will give us more information that will either confirm what I'm guessing or give us more information to look for another solution  

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    no i'm a remixer and the program i'm using can export videos with audio but sometimes they sound disorted and that's what happens almost everytime and that's why i also export an mp3 version of it which isn't disorted, That is why i go into hitfilm just to try and replace the audio file with the exported mp3, But this is what confuses me, Long ago i was working on a gameplay video where i added multiple other sounds and that stuff and it worked completely fine, But now this error comes up and i go into that project and all the audio files are errored, Almost like the audio runner got deleted or something.


    oh and i'm using the latest version of hitfilm

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    Same problem. Hope someone sees this.  Import an MP3 and it errors in the media pool.

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