Short film in iraq

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Hello Peepz,
I'm a guy that moved to Iraq 3 years ago since I lived my whole life in the Netherlands for 14 years. That's why mine English is horrible sorry for that!!
While I lived my roller coaster life there in Iraq I made some interest (a lot) in filmmaking. So I started watching tutorials and stuff and I really liked it. Then I started to pick up the camera and just shoot footage, I made a short test movie which I will put the link later. But the problem is I wanna act & I wanna make the movie. someone like Sylvester Stallone,
He acts and he is the producer plus he is the director.. **** I want that aswell, a dream..
But then, something happened to me .. I got the cancer decease (leukemia) all of the sudden and I'm only 19 years old. So I had to move back to the Netherlands cause of the lack of knowledge that Iraq has of the decease and I had a Dutch passport. Now I'm still here In the hospital for 5 months and I have no idea of what's gonna happen further. I'm doing some general school here but it's not official. So I have to look for an school and course now for the future. So as I said before I have a dream.. How can I do that to come even close to that, I wanna do film academy but I'm really confused after all these study years before. Am I doing the good to get into that world or what? Like what's the chance for work? Or should I just hold film making as a hobby ?
Btw , here in the hospital there are people that try to entertain the patients to kill their time.. So I joined that and I told them about my hobby and they linked me to the kidstv in the hospital, so I can now help them with editing, filming, writing a scenario...
Do you guys have any idea for a short film ? Do know: I can't go outside because of my infuse thingy... So it has to be In the hospital. The location
Here is my link of the short film test I made in Iraq. Thanks guys
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