Leap Motion for PC - Does it work right now with Action Pro 0.5? Demo video? (Rotation especially)

Strings123Strings123 Website User Posts: 34
edited December 2018 in Action Pro Beta Feedback

I am extremely interested in Leap Motion to use with Action pro but I cannot find a clear comment/answer/FAQ on using Leap motion. (Maybe my searches have missed it.)

1. Does Leap Motion work with Action Pro?

2. If so, can I record rotation information?

3. Can someone post a demo video showing it's use on PC?

I have a video series I'm creating and it could save me dozens of hours. Well worth the $80 or so. But if not, hey...I need to pay the rent like everyone else....

In fact, if someone can confirm it's usage I am willing to create a demo video with it's use.



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