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I know people are looking to use Imerge for various workflows, however ours may be a bit specific. We use PhotoKey at events — capturing, tweaking, printing and exporting — at a very high volume. We've been using it since v4, however Imerge has some interesting additions we'd like to utilize, but currently a few restrictions or missing aspects that would make our application work even better.

Keying Presets - There may be a current way to do it, but to have the ability to set a keying preset and then easily/quickly apply it to a new layer with a chromakey image

Tabbed Windows - Much like Photoshop, the ability to have multiple templates open to easily go between them and work within them

Hot Folders - I know it's already stated that it's not supported, but this would be a critical aspect for our workflow, so basically the ability to set a Content type as a folder instead of an individual image/file


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    Hi @SUMXP

    Thanks so much for the feedback. Responses for you...

    Keying Presets - there is not a way to save presets yet. We have it on the roadmap to allow you to save presets of any effect configuration which would include keying.

    Tabbed Windows - this is something we have considered and haven't realised yet due to some technical hurdles and other things being higher priority and is on the wish list.

    Hot Folders - this is something we are evaluating. Just adding it as a content type which is a folder instead of an individual file isn't the entire picture.  Firstly, you would need to be restricted to one hot folder. Having multiple would introduce lots of complexities for the batch system. I don't think there is a use case which would benefit from this either. More importantly it you probably want the batch system to be aware of this such that when you start a batch export if it sees a hot folder it just sits there and waits for new images and exports the combinations. Really what I'm saying is its not just a case of the content on the layer noticing new images in a hot folder and auto adding them to the layer content, it also needs to automatically put them through the batch system and output them. So, please correct me if I'm wrong, but when "Hot Folders" are requested I believe are really a fully hands off automated workflow is needed.

    Hope that helps, and if you have any further feedback do let us know.


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