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    can we have shortcuts to zoom and pan  

    Please where is the drop shadow effect( this is a must, I know its new but it's not there) 

    is it possible to change the shortcut for duplicate to ctrl+D or alt instead of ctrl+J it's not what people are used to

    is there a before and after view so we can compare our edits

  • rikkiloades
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    Hey @Anderson01498

    I have moved your comment onto a new topic to keep things organised and tidy since this is about features rather than tutorials.

    Drop shadow effect - so you can do this with the outer glow. If you add that, you can use the offset to move the shadow down and to the right which is the default drop shadow settings in many other apps. Note when you search the effects if you type drop shadow outer glow will match. its functionally identical but allows you to achieve both results in one plugin.

    Shortcuts to Zoom and Pan - so today there are shortcuts such as:

    • Zoom In: Ctrl +
    • Zoom Out: Ctrl -
    • Zoom To 100%: Ctrl 1
    • Zoom To Fit: Ctrl 0
    • Zoom To 200%: Ctrl 2
    • Zoom To 400%: Ctrl 4
    • You can hold down the spacebar to temporarily toggle between selection and pan mode.

    In addition we have just added the ability to press H (for pan) and V (for selection) keys and that will roll out in our next release. We have also been working on a Zoom To Extent feature which will zoom out to the bounds of all the combined layers letting you get to the handles much easier (Ctrl Alt 0). If there is anything else specific you'd like do let us know.

    Before and after view - the closest thing we have here is at the top of the effects on any given layer is a header with a dropdown to the right (next to the add effect button). Normally it will say "Apply all", this can be switched to "Disable all" and when you do this it will show you the original layer with no effects applied. You can do the same thing with masks too. So if you are just editing a single layer just processing an image this will work quite well to give you a before and after. Let me know if your needs are slightly different and what you are trying to achieve specifically.

    Change shortcut for Duplicate - so Ctrl J for duplicate is well known and used across Layer based photo compositing apps and is why we used it. We may look into offering the ability to customise shortcuts in the settings at some stage (its already on the wishlist) but there are quite a few other things we need to get done first.

    Hopefully that helps and thank you for your continued feedback.


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