Custom Hotkeys

Hi all,

I am new to HitFilm and the biggest thing that bugged me was the terrible placement of the hotkeys. I'm guessing that most of you know what I'm talking about especially if you've used other video editing software in the past. This slowed down my workflow so much that I decided to do something about it.

Because of this, I have customized a few of the hotkeys I use the most, I'm gonna post them here and I hope it helps you guys out.

1. Delete --> Z

2. Set In Point --> 1

3.Set Out Point --> 2

4. Previous Frame --> Q

5. Next Frame --> W

6. Jump Back by 10 Frames --> A

7. Jump Forward by 10 Frames --> D

8. Previous Edit Point --> F

9. Next Edit Point --> G

10. Move Playhead to In Point --> ! (meaning shift+1)

11. Move Playhead to Out Point --> @ (meaning shift+2)

12. Ripple Delete --> X

This works for me because it allows me to keep my left hand on the keyboard and my right hand on the mouse.

If you have your own customization, please let me know, maybe it works better than mine!


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