New desktop Windows-based PC to run Hitfilm Pro very well - suggestions???

JBaymore Posts: 386 Enthusiast is time for me to start to plan a new desktop PC build.  One of my main focuses for this machine is to run Hitfilm Pro well.  Typically I buy the various component parts at a place like Newegg and then put them all together.  I'm partial to Intel processors.... not planning on an AMD.  Unfortunately....... yes.... it'll be Windows 10 (sigh).

Hardware and OS budget is maybe about topping out at $3000.  Not needing a new monitor (have a good one I just bought).

What suggestions for power supply, mobo, RAM mods, drives (thinking at least the C being solid state), processor/RAM cooler units, etc.  would the 'collective-HF-mind' here have for me?




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    @JBaymore I built one a few years ago for Hitfilm 4 Pro I think it was.  If doing it again (and i have been mullibg it,) as far as power supply goes, I used a 750 watt but tiday I woukd go as high as I could reasonably afford.  My main caveat on mobo woukd be of course what cpu I'm using but then one that supports a butt-load of RAM...Like 64 GBs abd definitely one that has pci-e slots for a really powerful GPU.  However, I'm not the most knowledgeable about computer architecture, so others will have reasons other just my preferences.

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    tddavis    Thanks.

    Thinking right now on a 1000W Corsair power supply.  (Running 750 in my old machine.)

    At the very least I'm looking at a GTX 1070 Ti for GPU.... but planning at least right now (until the budget settles down) on a 1080 Ti for the video card.

    For Hitfilm Pro....... what does more than 32 G of RAM 'buy you'?

    Anyone have an opinion on a 3.3 GHz i9 10 core versus a 3.6 GHz i9 8 core as far as running Hitfilm Pro would go?



  • tddavis
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    @JBaymore I was running 32 GB but started getting memory mgt errors and pulled 2 to see what would happen and so far I haven't had that again.  I suspect one of the two I pulled might be bad but haven't got around to swapping them around to find out yet.  It ran really well at 32 GB but I always felt like more would have been's just a gut thing.  My system is an 8 core AMD and I think if I do build another it'll be Intel.  I thought GPU and video card were the same thing

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    @tddavis, Yes... 'GPU' and 'video card' are the same thing.  Sorry that was an unclear comment.

    I don't plan on really editing/compositing at 4K .....having only a (quite new) pro-sumer 1080 camera and likely not having the money to upgrade that unit any time soon.  ( Not to mention ...... I'm not that young anymore ;). )  So I'm thinking that 32 Gigs is a decent RAM top end for me.

    Too many choices for components out there  these days!  Is brand X of a video card or RAM module and so on better than Brand Y?  I've had good luck with Intel, Asus, Coolermaster, Corsair, WD, EVGA, and Samsung in the past.  But ....... does that mean anything now????????  And this is likely to push the 3 Grand idea a tad on the budget.



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    @JBaymore I don't recall exact price when I built my present system a few years ago but it was significantly lower than your cap...I am guessing by about half in all honesty.  I think the biggest expense was when I upgraded the GPU after the fact with the  NVidia 1060.  If you shop like you mentioned I think you'll beat your expectations.

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    I just finished building a PC yesterday. It's primarily for my son recording music, doing some animation, and gaming. It came in at around $2500 without the monitor. Specs were:

    Aorus Z390 Ultra mobo

    16GB DDR4 PC3200 - it's a higher end set for gaming, you'll spend some more $$ bumping up to 32 or 64GB

    i9-9700K, you'd probably want to go up to the 9900k for about an extra $150 to get 8 cores with hyperthreading

    Nvidia RTX 2080 8GB GPU, latest and greatest for gaming but probably overkill for video/photo work

    2 x Intel 512GB M.2 drives in RAID 0

    Cooler Master liquid CPU cooler, 3 fan

    Cooler Master 500 series case

    EVGA 850W power supply

    I've seen used GTX 1080 on ebay for $375, so you can get 16GB in SLI for about the same price as a used 11GB GTX 1080 Ti.

    I think you can bring it in to your $3k budget with 32 or 64GB, the used GPUs and the 8 core i9-9900k. You might need to change a few things such as cheaper non-gaming case, etc.


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    I read somewhere that having multiple m.2 Nvme drives set up as a raid was unnecessary, as the transfer speed is already extremely high (having it set up as a raid would not result in any improvement).

    Just a thought - you may want to check into that.

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