Mocha Camera Tracker updated ?

luxgud Website User Posts: 128

Does Hitfilm's  included version of Mocha follow the main commercial version ?


  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,448 Enthusiast

    Not yet, it tends to lag a few versions behind, as it's Boris doing the feature reduction for 'Hitfilm mocha' and who knows how much time they can spare to do that? They also have mocha AE, Mocha for Vegas and others to play with.

    The new mocha 2019 has a few bugs which they're presumably working on, so might be worth waiting until they fix those first anyway.

    If you're thinking of buying it: get the current version now while it's cheap as an Express Add-on. You'd get the upgrade as/when it comes in a future version of Express, but it's useful now.

    As for Hitfilm Pro: I'd also expect at some future point that it'll get an upgraded version and be bundled with a later release of Pro?

  • luxgud
    luxgud Website User Posts: 128

    Thanks Palacono. I am in the process of trying to get a free academic version. It used to be simple with Imagineer Systems but with this new Boris lot it seems hard work.

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