Needing help with how to edit the duration of images

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I lost my dog a year ago next month after 16 years and through the year I've done little things to honor her. I wanted to put together a memorial video and I started it on Windows Movie Maker but it looks pretty dated. I wanted to try a better movie editor and so I tried Hitfilm express which I really love but it's also pretty overwhelming. I used Adobe Premiere years ago but other than that I'm used to how WMM operates. I'm composing pictures and video clips of her through the years but I'm having trouble with the timing of the pictures like how long they run before switching to the next one. I've figured out how to do affects, how to add text but the timing is really throwing me off. I'd like to have this done by mid December so I can share it with my family and I'd like it to look nice.  If anyone has made something similar and can help me out that would be great.


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    @Whatsername85 I have found when I made slide shows of images that I would  start by allowing each one to show for 5 secs.  If it was a single subject, I woukd decrease that to say 3 secs, but if it was several people increase it to 7 or 8 and large group shots got more to allow the viewer to let their eye roam over faces.  It seemed surprising to me how long 5 secs can seem with a photo that has only one focus point. :)  Hope this gives you some ideas.

  •  How do you set the time span? I've tried using the slider and sometimes it works ok but other times it basically takes the picture away. Is there an easier way that I don't know about to set how long you want it to run?

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    @Whatsername85 Oh, sorry.  I misunderstood.  There are a couple of ways.  You can go to preferences and set the default length for planes, images etc to whatever length you choose or go to the properties cog at the right of the images in the media bin and set length there, I believe.  And I think, I'm not at my computer at the moment to double check, you can right click on the image and set duration.  Hope these give you a direction to go in.

  •  Thank you! that is so helpful!! Once I set the duration for everything it started to leave gaps and when I try to move the picture it moves the whole set of pictures. One of my pictures is horribly pixalelated but only after the video plays it's not like that when just freezing on that picture. I don't have super high quality photos except the last few years she was alive. Most are from a late 90s digital camera and older cell phones.

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    Check that video. Your playback quality or resolution might be lowered. :) 

  •  Thank you so much for all the help!! some of the quality has gotten better though I think a lot is from my materials old 2000s cell phone videos don't hold up when enlarged lol My pictures look sharper though instead of that weird blur that was going on and was driving me crazy. I'm trying to make a snowfall effect like the snow is falling over the video I did a new plane, added fractal noise, used starfield but I can't get them to move. When I do get it to move it's very fast but I want it to fall slowly and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. It either doesn't move at all or it's like a blizzard. I want it to run the length of the entire section of video and I'm just sort of stumped. I am normally good at these things lol

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    @Whatsername85 You might try adding a speed effect to the effect when it's moving too fast and set it really low.  Not sure how youve set up but it might help.

    Also, a few days ago in this thread, Triem23 (3rd post down) gives an extremely detailed blow by blow to create the effect in Express.  I cheat and use the preset in Pro cause I ain't good with...well, much VFX :)

  •  Thank you, to be honest I'm no good at this either but judging from my computers lack of enthusiasm with all this even if I had pro it probably still wouldn't work right so I'll probably have to export it to see how it looks lol

  •  Ok so I'm down to adding text to my pictures, there was a way I was doing it that I didn't have to make composite shots but I can't remember how I did that. When I make a composite shot and add text the picture and text show for a little bit and than it blanks out like there is no picture there. I have the "TEXT" option up but the A doesn't appear next to the picture I'm trying to work with it just let's me move the picture around or resize it. I've tried different area layouts I just can't seem to remember how I was doing it before.

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