Best Professional Video Editing Software of 2018

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Best Professional Video Editing Software of 2018


What is wrong with this guy ? Since Hitfilm Pro is fully featured and does much more thing compared to other Video Editing  :-(


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    Actually, he was pretty generous. The tick in the 'Video Stabilizer' box shows he's not tried to stabilize much with a two point tracker. If you're mainly editing then Hitfilm's not going to be the one you'd use for large projects, any more than you'd use Windows Movie Maker to do it.

    Something else for the serious editing and using Hitfilm to generate the Special Effects is the ideal combo. Vegas Movie Studio works and it has the Hitfilm Integration feature so you can send clips directly to Hitfilm, work on them, save them and get sent back to Vegas to continue editing with them. Option is there because even FXHome know what's needed on longer projects; although they're adding more to the NLE, there's a way to go.

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    Seems close enough since they are comparing video editing only. Hitfilm is primarily a compositor. Video editing in Hitfilm takes a back seat to video effects.

    Where did Hitfilm get low scores. Export options are relatively weak in Hitfilm. Editing tools are weaker (e.g. retiming). Media management is really not there. Does not do stereoscopic editing. Does not handle closed captions. Does not have multicam. Does not author DVD/Blu-ray.

    Skill level required rating I think is off. Hitfilm is very easy to use for editing.

    I think a real problem is comparing Hitfilm to dedicated NLEs since Hitfilm is really a VFX compositor with a basic NLE. So one would have to compare an NLE+compositor combo to Hitfilm. So Hitfilm should have had the check option that no others had. A VFX compositor engine built-in.


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    But i think Hitfilm Pro is unique of VFX compositor it will be third position oh well lol, Video Editing is good too i found maybe FXHOME need to update to make compete to other Video editing :)

    As well to compete to VFX software as Nuke and Fusion or other in terms low cost, just it lacks for nodes with composition.

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    Yeah, I agree... that review missed the mark big time. For example apparently showing a lack of awareness of the fact that there's a free version of Resolve available, which should have destroyed all competitors in terms of value given what it offers... and most people that I know who try Resolve don't go back to Premiere. (With good reason.)

    I *do* see HitFilm not scoring high in that category though, because of its emphasis on effects rather than on non-linear editing.

    It would be awesome to see HitFilm integrated with LightWorks similarly to how it's integrated with Vegas.


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    Heck even the paid Resolve is a huge value. $299 US. BlackMagic has never changed a fee to update to new versions.


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    Quite true... A far better value than Vegas, Avid MC, or the (un) creative suite ?

    HitFilm is IMO Resolve's closest competition in terms of value. It's the more user friendly option.


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    Yes, I much prefer Hitfilm to use. Features from Resolve for sure, but in the Hitfilm way.

    Which reminds me I gotta get off my butt and post some gripes I have about the particle sim forces in Hitfilm. The forces in Resolve/Fusion were an eye opener.

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    I agree, HitFilm is very user friendly.

    All the more reason to keep wishing for Redcode support in it ;)

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