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Hi guys!   Can you recommend a laptop for me to edit UHD-movies..?  My old one is about to be a bit slow..


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    Edit : Sorry i was fast to make a link for you on pc desktop so here is laptop...

    Best video editing laptops of 2018

    or other link from creativebloq


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    That's a good place to start.   Don't skimp on CPU, GPU or RAM.   Also your power supply is critical to feed a big GPU and multiple drives.

    Another great place to go to look at component prices and pre-build a system is

    That will allow you to build a system "on paper" and then swap out components to work on bringing the price down.

    But in the end you get what you pay for.   Quality high performance components aren't cheap.  And keep in mind that HF relies heavily on GPU for compositing and CPU for encoding/decoding.   Doesn't hurt to have an SSD drive for the OS and separate drives for video.

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    For editing, you need have good CPU processor at least Intel 7th Gen, 8 GB RAM and GPU. SSD will be the benefit.

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    +1 for SSDs. A mechanical HDD will bottleneck even the slowest systems, let alone the fastest.

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    SSDs and even RAM drives make no appreciable difference to Hitfilm performance. Fewer faster cores on the CPU are better than more, slower cores.

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    @Palacono disagree on SSD vs HDD. Try streaming a 4k file off a 5200rpm drive that would have been considered under spec for SD footage fifteen years ago! And a lot of those drives are still sold... 

    RAM doesn't particularly directly help performance, but allows for more RAM preview, and not having enough RAM can hurt performance. Still need more than enough for OS and software needs. Plus, if one is going to run other programs alongside Hitfilm... 

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    @Triem23 5400rpm is slow and used to be for 2.5" laptop and external drives. 3.5" used to always be 7200rpm, although WD now only offer 5400rpm 3.5" desktop drives unless you pay a premium for 7200rpm, as I discovered with a replacement recently. I tested tracking, playback and exporting on a 4K clip in all the combinations of to/from 7200rpm HDD, SSD and RAM drive (48GB RAM with 4GB set aside for RAM drive) and it made no difference at all.

    That was just to check Hitfilm's general overhead without adding any effects. It seemed to be ticking to some internal timer, irrespective of the speed of the IO source/destination. But upgrading my CPU from 3.2Ghz to 3.8Ghz did make a noticeable difference.

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    "But upgrading my CPU from 3.2Ghz to 3.8Ghz did make a noticeable difference."

    Clock rate, clock rate, clock rate.  (all else being equal)

    A bit of a real estate analogy to CPUs.


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    Nah, you still want more cores as far as budget allows.

    The top clock rates no longer very that much, because all of the modern monster CPUs have dynamic overclocking that can drive one or two cores (depending on which model) at a very high clock rate, or the whole monster at a less high clock rate. The more threaded the software, the more cores it will use. The more advanced the software, the more threaded it will be in the content creation space.

    That means that even if HitFilm isn't using a whole lot of threads right now, that will change -- these guys aren't sitting still...


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    I have 12 cores/24 threads on one PC. Hitfilm isn't (capable of?) using them.

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    Laptop Use me Core i5 , 500 GB hard disk and Ram 16 GB . I can fast editing  for my videos for youtube upload.

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