3D Render looks Cartoon

Hello for starters I am Noob here. I need some help I have this .3ds file and it looks great in the preview on HitFilm but once on the time line it looks like a cartoon. I needs some help here, I am lost thanks.


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    Try adding lights and using Ambient occlusion and if there are textures make sure there attached. 
  • I did try that but it seems like the .3ds file is no good maybe? I ordered this from a seller and I have no clue what to do not to make it look like a cartoon. The Seller is willing to help out but I have no clue what to tell it to make sure it turns out great in the time line. Anyone that like to help Plz let me know thanks.
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    Hitfilm is a little bit odd in it's 3D space. 3D models exist in their own 3D space, and 3D layers exist in another 3D space that are kind of butting together. This means that 3D layers and particles composite by position in 3D space, where 3D models composite in layer order--this is by design.
    Additionally, 2D layers (including grade layers) "flatten" the 3D space below them. This means if you have several 3D layers and a 2D layer and the 2D layer in the layer stack is in the middle of the 3D layers, that the 3D layers above the 2D layer aren't actually in the same 3D space as the 3D layers below the 2D layer. Let's say you have this on your layer stack:
    1) LIGHT
    2) LIGHT
    3) GRADE
    4) MODEL
    The Grade layer is a 2D effect and is "flattening" the layers below it. This means that the two lights are not in the same space as the model, so the model is being rendered as unilluminated. Also, the 3D model is compositing in space above all 3D particles, even if particles are supposed to be in front of the model. (This particle issue has a couple of workarounds, but that's not the key of this discussion. I just point it out for reference.)
    Still with me?
    Ok, take a look in your project and make sure that your lights are sitting on the layers right above your 3D model, and that you don't have any 2D video, picture or grade layers between your model and your lights in the layer stack. Again, If you DO have 2D layers between your lights and models, then the "flattening" effect of the 2D layers means that your lights aren't in the same 3D space as the model. So, continuing with the example above, I'd want my layers to look like this:
    1) GRADE
    2) LIGHT
    3) LIGHT
    4) 3D MODEL
    Actually, the lights can go anywhere--Layers 4 and 5, for example, as long as the lights and model don't have that grade layer separating them.
    This tripped me up when I started using Hitfilm, too.
    Anyways, I'll give you 90% odds that's what's going on with your project. Hope this works, and let us know!