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All right so when you key framing anything and you move down along the time line, and you make a change to that value it creates a new key frame.  Is there anyway i can move down along the time line and not change anything and just create a new keyframe that has the same value as the previous one?  I can seem to figure out a way.  The best I could come up with is copy pasting another key frame but for whatever reason this only works like 25% of the time if I'm being generous and works best if I cut the frame I wanna paste rather than copy.  But it's incredibly frustrating and finnicky.  There are all these buttons to change interpolation, is there a button to just create a new keyframe?


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    Yes there is a button, it should be just the middle circle icon on the keyframe set. This will put a keyframe down using the current values, which if unchanged from the last, if however you have say a descending keyframe at the after you new keyframe, the value may be different from the start as it will have started to change the values. Simple use the SQUARE keyframe to make it a static one, and it should make it the same as the last keyframe. Hope you get something from that I know its not easy without a screenshot.

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    Yes you can create another keyframe with same values.
    Over the timeline are buttuns, left is the "make composite shot", right to it are 3 buttons.
    The button in the middle is "toggle keyframe" to create a keyframe same value.

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     Thanks andy.  All the buttons seem to just want to change interpolation that I see, any chance you can show me in a screens hot.

  • Dimipapa
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     oh ok i see it now.  thanks both

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    There's also a hotkey for this button: Alt-T (Option-T on Mac). I use it frequently. Very handy!

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