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Hey maybe someone can help me out with this

I have several Icons (small png Images) on a map and i want to simultanously scale them (to higlight the Icons).
As i want to keep the composit as flexible as possible I'm looking for a way to adjust the size of all the Icons just depending on one varibale (basically like parenting them).
Parenting the Icons to one "Master Control Point" and keyframing the Points scale properties was my first thought however it doesn't work as the Icons seem to scale from the Control Points Anchorpoint and therefore leaving their assigned place on my map.
Is there a way to make them scale proportionally the same way as the "Master Control Point" but with the Icons using their own Anchor point?

I know i could just animate one Icon completly and duplicate the layer several times. However it would be more efficient to be able to control the settings for all in one setup for futur adjustments as I'm working with about 60 Icons.. 

Thanks for any help in advance


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    What you want is what Maya calls a Scale Constraint. It would be amazingly useful for a similar feature to exist in HitFilm, but it currently does not. However, copying scale data from one layer to many others is pretty easy. Select the layer with the scale keyframes, and press CTRL/Command-C to copy it. Now you can mass-select all of your target layers in the layer stack, right-click on any one of them, and choose "Paste Attributes." A dialog appears giving you the ability to choose specifically which attributes get pasted. Un-check everything except Scale, then click "Paste." Only the scale keyframes will be applied. Not as convenient as a literal link between layers, but it's the best we've got for now.

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    @jsbarrett Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it! The paste attribute function definitely helps speeding things up! 

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