Movie project with kids and teenagers searching for help //3D-Modelling

Hi everyone!
I'm working on a project in Bremen, Germany which is all run by amateurs driven by their fascination for filmmaking...and I have a problem, which could certainly be solved if somebody would help us.
The movie is about the tale of "The Pied Piper" and about a modern musician kidnapping some teenagers by a strange piece of music and misusing facebook.
(If you don't know the tale of the pied piper of hamelin, I recommend you to watch the wonderful Walt Disney version of this medieval german story.
We did some shots with Greenscreen to create a mdeieval market place, btu still need suitable backdrops.
Is anyone here good in 3D modelling and could help us?

We'd need buildings surrounding the marketplace (church, town hall, some merchants' houses) and a street with half-timbered houses (all pretty much looking the same) and a town gate.
We can provide sketches of the street and gate, the church, a plan of the marketplace, several photographs, what the church and the marketplace should look like.
Now we need generous volunteers having the skills, the time for it, wanting to help a small but passionate amateru crew and not demanding large payment. 
Ah yes, and we unfortunately need the material till early march.
If I didn't scare you folks, please respond. :)  Hope, somebody can help us.


  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff Administrator, Moderator, Website User Posts: 1,056 Staff
    Hi Michael - thanks for asking the forum for help with this :)
    It sounds like a great idea and like you've got lots of people on board with this already. I'm not sure whether you'll be able to find any skilled 3D modellers able to give you so much of their time as required for a March start, for a small budget.
    Will you have anyone on board who will be able to take these 3D models and make them look realistic within the scene e.g. with grading/adding textures and positioning/tracking? As good as a 3D model may be, it also needs to be handled by someone able to convincingly integrate it into the scene. 
    I myself am unfortunately not a 3D modeller (sad to say) but I wanted to let you know that may have what you need if you become desperate and need another option. They have a lot of free models which are really good quality and definitely worth a look. For instance, I searched for a church and got this one which is pretty good for free:
    Just be sure that you download either the lwo. obj. or 3ds. versions as these are the only ones which can be imported into HitFilm. 
    Obviously it's not the most desirable option, but certainly one to consider if you find yourself at a loose end. 
    Good luck! :)
  • Michael DllMichael Dll Website User Posts: 4
    Thanks, Kirstie!
    In the meantime we decided to rather film some nice spots and use them for our backdrops.
    Thanks again.
  • Michael DllMichael Dll Website User Posts: 4
    Don't know, how to delete the topic. If someone from the staff could...
  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff Administrator, Moderator, Website User Posts: 1,056 Staff
    You don't have to delete the forum post Michael - it's quite alright to leave it up - someone may even read it and offer you work for the future or something. 
    However if you really want it taken down I can delete it for you. 
  • Michael DllMichael Dll Website User Posts: 4
    Thank you, Kirstie. No, if it's not necessary to delete the post, we'll leave it up. 
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