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I just updated to the latest version of Ignite Pro, and now the desktop icon is showing the stock blank white page instead of the Ignite Pro icon. Is there a way to fix this? (Trying to keep my desktop clean and organized.)


  • Spokid
    Spokid Posts: 12 Just Starting Out*

    Still looking for solution to this.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @Spokid is this on Mac or Windows?

    Also, you don't need to keep the icon on your desktop. Once you are activated you do not need to launch the Ignite application which is for activating and uninstalling if you are on a Mac. Use whichever supported host you usually use and the Ignite plugins will be there.

  • Spokid
    Spokid Posts: 12 Just Starting Out*

    This is on Windows 10. I know I don't need it on my desktop, I just like to have it there, and up until whichever update that was in November 2018, the icon was fine.

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    A Mac guy giving advice to a PC user.

    • Right click on the shortcut, select properties.
    • Select Shortcut tab
    • Click Change Icon

    In the "Look for icons in this file:" Browse to the folder the file is located in. *Note: It appears the icon is hardcoded into the exe navigate to  \ FXHOME\Hitfilm Pro\HitfilmPro.exe and then select the Icon from the list below:

    Hope that works for ya

    Edit: I see you said Ignite Pro...the process is the same.


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