Video clipping from URL

ManuESManuES Website User Posts: 1

I am looking for a solution that can able to clip my videos.

All my videos are in my server and I have an URL for that videos files. like youtube URL

I need to cut, edit my videos using my video URL


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    @ManuES You need to download the file to your local computer for editing.   Depending on the file format you may want to transcode to a native format that HF supports such as Cineform.   And convert to constant frame rate, while you are at it.  HF doesn't do well with variable frame rate footage.

    There are several "free" URL downloaders out on the web.  Just have to do a Google search.   Pay special attention to anything else it wants to load on your system that you do not want- because nothing is really free.

    The one I am using at the moment is


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