"Just waiting for Friday" - teaser

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Hi guys!

(In case someone would remember ) It's that time of the year when in my company we celebrate the Peer Awards, and we make a short (short-ish...) film to go with it in the gala where the prizes are given.

Last summer I got the Manager award (Papa Smurf the Manager this time around), so looking forward to see the winners. Anyway, the mini-movie/short/one-episode-sit-com will be released on November 30 and today we released the teaser.

While not your typical VFX shot, it does have some VFX work. Totally inspired by Modern Family :)


I promise some transdimensional portals and energy teleporting shields in the full show (even if it is about the life in a software company.

I am especially scared, because this time around besides doing the camera/edit/color/VFX work for the show I also wrote it 


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