Hey is there a way to export from the Hitfilm Pro trial?

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I know, I know. But I didn't know you couldn't export from the trial when I got it. I'm fourteen years old, and I made a short film that got a near perfect score at my state thespian festival and qualified for the international festival. However, I need to clean up some of my editing for a better shot at doing good at nationals. So I finished fixing it, only to find out I could export it from there. As previously mentioned, I'm just 14 and my family could barely afford to send me to the festival. Hitfilm Pro is waaaaay out of our price range. But then I found out that since I edited with the trial of pro, I can't export the file from express because not it's a pro file. So is there like a code for a one time export or something? I know I shouldn't bother asking but this festival is going to help me achieve my dreams and winning a scholarship there is  also the only way I could ever afford college. So just like is there a code that can export just one project? Thank you and I'm sorry.


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    I'd say copy your project media and Hitfilm project file, compress everything into a ZIP archive (Google this if you don't know what I mean) and start uploading to a file sharing site. Your hope is for someone to volunteer to render the project for you.

    @tddavis is a really nice guy and he'll most likely be willing to help you out. I'm in New Zealand and my editing comp is in California, so, I can't help further. 

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    It used to be that you could load a Pro project file into Express and it'd just strip out the specific effects that you'd not paid for.

    Nowadays it'll just put a watermark on them, so you can choose to change them or buy the add-ons with them in.

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    @FlyingLlama @Triem23  Absolutely willing.  I have doe it for a few new users in the same situation  before.  It will be waaay more work for you than me, but I treat your files with complete privacy and delete when you tell me you're done.  The process of uploading everything to a cloud site that Triem23 detailed is the worst part.

    Since we don't have direct message anymore, you can send the link to my email: [email protected] if you decide to go this route.

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    @tddavis @Triem23 Thank you! I'll email it after I do all that

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    @[email protected] So I just updated Express, and now it's letting me export the project, so I won't do that after all, but thank you so much!

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    @FlyingLlama You are most welcome, and happy to hear that you got an easier solution sorted out.  Depending on the length and number of video files in your project, it can be a real pain to collect them together and get them uploaded.  If you should see a watermark during a portion of your export you will need to adjust the effect used there and replace it somehow.  


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