When is Hitfilm Pro at its cheapest?

HeySiriHeySiri Website User Posts: 382 Just Starting Out

I want to purchase Hitfilm Pro, mostly because I am filming a short film sometime in early 2019 and there is some heavy visual effects work. I could work with Hitfilm Express, but it would be at least twice as easy to just work exclusively in Hitfilm, not switching between animating in Blender and exporting it to Hitfilm. I also need Pro for some of the included effects (i.e. 3D gunfire, particle simulators, et cetera). While I could buy the necessary add-ons, by the time I had everything I needed it'd be almost as much as Pro, so I'd much rather just buy Pro once and be done with it! Anyways, when is Hitfilm Pro on sale for the lowest price? My short film has a very small budget, so I hope you understand why I wish to buy it at its lowest price!


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