How much do VFX degrade an image, and how do we know?

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Question: What is the benefit of high resolution like 4K for VFX content creation? More specifically, how much do VFX degrade the resolution; and how do we measure that?

No doubt how much VFX degrades an image depends on what the VFX entails. Still, if any one has any examples to ballpark it, or resources to cite, that would be helpful.

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    TL/DR: Don't worry about this. If you get focused on "pixel peeping" you tumble down a long rabbit hole.

    TL/DR 2: Don't worry about it. If your final output is for YouTube or Vimeo (or any streaming service) or Blu-ray/DVD your final output is going to be mangled by the streaming and your hours of obsessing over "perfect image quality" gets ruined by something you don't control.

    I don't have time to find the images right now, but I have some screencaps of the Rogue One trailer that illustrate this. In short the YouTube compression is so harsh even Lucasfilm/Disney can't get a pristine upload. There's a shot of Kemmler's shuttle flying overhead where parts of the ship flicker in and out of existence.

    TL/DR 3: Your camera probably starts with degraded footage. Your image isn't pristine to start with. Also, Marvel and Star Wars movies have VFX mastered at 1080p for theater. The "4k"versions are upscaled! 

    Maybe I'll come back later and discuss other factors and forensic examination, but, yeah don't worry about it.. Seriously. 

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    Thanks for your thoughts, Mike! I ask more for the geeky knowledge than out of concern. 


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