YouTube screen resolution question.

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Many times if I open a YouTube tutorial about HitFilm (or anything), the first few seconds of the video are blurry. Then it clears up for the remainder. Yesterday one of the tutorials simply remained blurry for the entirety of the video. Very difficult to read the menu items that are being selected. My question is why. Is this something that others experience? If so, is it related to hardware or software on our computers? Is there a solution? Usually, I just write it off to "the internet hates me" and go on to the next thing. Since I was looking at the forum and this thread is about "Everything Else", I just am tossing this out for comments. No I don't have a link, sorry.


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    It happens to me on can click the COG wheel settings  (HD) in the lower left and click on the highest resolution. It should clear up.

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    It's because your Internet connection is slow, or the ping response is too long.

    When YouTube starts a video it spends the first few seconds - which are usually an intro / title page, so not containing anything particularly useful - to determine what quality/resolution to play the rest of the video at. It then adjusts accordingly and the rest is at the appropriate higher quality/resolution. On a really fast connection that check is quickly able to realise it can go directly to higher resolution right away. This is also determined by the thing you are playing it back on. A window on a webpage on a phone screen will always be a lower quality/resolution because there is no point it being higher.

    So, get a faster connection, or start, then pause and manually select a higher quality/resolution.

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