Heeeeelp me export my project from HitFilm Express

nicoleheggie Website User Posts: 1
edited November 2018 in Post-production techniques

I have created a project using HitFilm 4 Express. It is apparently still in demo mode and I cannot export. All serial codes linked to my account do not work.

HELP! I cant lose me project but really need to export (obviously).


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 19,362 Ambassador

    I shall assume this is a recent install of a recent download. If this is a first installation of Hitfilm 4, well, you can't activate that any more. Your code is probably for the current version, which you can download from this site. 

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