Swapping Cameras ???

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Hi Guys,

 I was playing with hitfilm and trying some different things.  Then i ran into a small problem.  I added a second camera and couldn't work out how to swap to it.

Am I missing something?

 Can I have a main camera (A) and a (B) camera ect?  If so how do I switch?  I can't seem to find the option to do it... Then my next issue will be how do I export vid from that.

 Thanks for any help


  • JavertValbarr
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    Whatever Camera is on top is what will be considered active. You can splice the layers to cut between the two.

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    @JavertValbarr is there a tutorial on how to work with two cameras. I wonder how many cameras you can have in HF.

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    @DataDesign @Jarrahv1

    Make a 8 second composite.
    Add 4 Cameras. and then place them at say  0, 90, 180 and 270 from target center. (Circle the target with cameras)
    Leave camera 1 (bottom camera in stack)
    Drag Camera 2 to two seconds
    Drag Camera 3 to four seconds
    Drag Camera 4 to six seconds (top camera in stack)

    You now have four cameras...changing views ever 2 seconds. As Javert said...top camera in the stack is the "active" camera.

    Make sense to you?


  • Triem23
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    No tutorial. As Javert notes  whichever camera layer is highest in the layer stack is the Active Camera. There is no easy/automatic way to switch cameras, you just have to create cameras, use the slice tool to split a camera into two (or more) layers then keep dragging the bit you want higher and higher in the layer stack  

    This animation is a particle sim in a single Composite Shot with four different cameras.. 

  • Jarrahv1
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     thanks guys.  i can work around that.

    @DataDesign just render out 4 cameras full clips.  open a new project they'll fit 100% then cut what you don't need

  • DataDesign
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    Thanks everyone.

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