Motion Tracking - Re-using same settings?

Hello new to this so apologies if this is a basic question

I am putting together a soccer video and tracking a player. I've setup a specific "effect" that I am applying to a tracked object(player) in the video. At times the player moves off screen and then back on, how is it best to track this player and apply the effect on the tracked object.

1. Do I create a new tracking for every time the player comes into view in the video?

2. Do I re-create the effect settings for each tracking(each time the player comes onto the screen/video)?


Any advice would be appreciated.



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    What exactly is the effect you're applying to the player? Knowing more details about this might steer the direction of our suggestions (at least mine).

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    It's not that hard. Use a single tracking marker.

    There was a Tutorial by Josh with a muzzle blast on the end of a gun where you needed to do this a few years ago.

    First, track forward until the player goes off the screen.

    Skip forward to a frame when the player is back on screen, then move (not track) forward a few more frames to make sure you can clearly get the tracking marker box on the area to track. Manually move the tracking marker to be on him again and track backwards until he goes off again - you're just getting as close to the gap in the middle as you can get on either side of it. Then move forward (not track) until you are at the end of the second set of tracking markers (that you went backwards from) and continue tracking forwards from there.

    Repeat every time he goes off. Move forward to get a clear section on screen to put the tracking marker on and track backwards a few frames, then move forward and continue tracking forwards again.

    Say he goes off twice. You'll have: On screen, Gap, On screen, Gap, On screen in the keyframes of your tracking marker.

    Now go to the middle of the first gap and guesstimate where the player actually might be when off screen and move the tracking box there.  You can't track off screen, but you can place it outside the screen edge.  Say he's off for 7 frames. You place the marker on the 4th frame (middle of the 7 frames) off screen somewhere outside the frame. Hitfilm will then calculate the gaps between the last frame when he was on screen, to that middle frame, then back to the next frame when he actually does come back on screen.  No need to actually have individual keyframes there at all.

    If he's off for a lot of frames you might need more than one offscreen keyframe (if part of the effect is still visible on the screen, like a big arrow or something) to make the movement more convincing, but don't think you have to do it for every frame.  

    Say he's off for 15 frames. Put a keyframe in the middle of the gap, then two more in between that one and the first and last of the ones when he's back on screen. So, first at frame 8, then split the difference and have one at 4 and one at 12. 

    Repeat for every time he goes off.

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