dragging transition handles changes the effect on both sides of edit instead of one

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Suddenly, when I drag an effect onto the timeline (fade, dissolve, etc.), the effect insists on resizing on both sides of the covered clips even though I'm only dragging one. I used to be able to drag one or the other - now it insists on changing both "sides" at the same time. How can I get back to changing the effect on only one clip at a time?

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    This is one of those "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situations. The devs changed the behavior of transitions for symmetrical dragging after hundreds (thousands?) of user requests over the years... 

    So, of course you're a rare editor who wants it asymmetrical. 

    @GavinBarker perhaps you could ask the devs if there's a way to still force asymmetrical transitions? Maybe with the CTRL or ALT key? If not, it's a good wishlist item. I've also been known to use asymmetrical transitions. 


  • I can't even imagine not wanting this. By definition, I'm joining two disparate clips; they're going to have different characteristics that need to be (more often than not for me at least) handled slightly differently in order to blend. No disrespect, but this is/was a major step back. It doesn't make any sense - if you want symmetrical, you can drag and make symmetrical - if you want to blend the clip as I've listed, you can't. I'll add the ability to force this (via the method Triem23 suggests) to the wish list.

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    You can already adjust asymmetrically with the Shift key.

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    @JavertValbarr good to know. Thanks, buddy! 

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