How to replace / swap between library items in HitFilm?

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Is it possible to just duplicate a layer / a composite shot, a video, whatever.

And replace it with another video, but keep all the effects and transformations you have on it?

I can't figure out how. In Premiere it was as easy as right clicking.

Any help would be appreciated a ton! Thank you.


  • CleverTagline
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    Duplicating a layer and directly replacing that duplicate with something else isn't currently possible. A workaround, though, would be to duplicate the layer, then turn that layer into a composite shot, making sure to leave effects and transformations in the parent comp. Inside that new nested composite shot, replace the old material with the new one. Back in the parent comp, this nested composite shot will still have the same effects and transformations you put on the original video/comp, only they'll now apply to the new material.

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    @jsbarrett I also point out two other options. 

    A clip can be copied and its Properties (effects, transformations, etc pasted to another clip. 

    A third option is to right click a media file in the bin, select "Relink" and choose a new media file. However  this replaces all instances of the original media  project wide. 

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    @Triem23 Thanks for the additions. I'd forgotten about copying properties until later, but didn't have the time to revisit the forum until now.

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