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I am moving into stills, product photography for my company, and since I do not have very much experience with image software I am considering my options for which one to spend the time learning. I very much like FXhome's products, the culture around it, and the support. So I would like to continue supporting them.

My main question with Imerge is can I use it as a general photo editor in the way I would use Photoshop? Are there features in other image editors that Imerge is lacking? If you were getting started with stills, what would you use and why? I am not too concerned with learning curve, I am looking more long term and am willing to put the time in to learn the software. It's more about workflow, features, and effective tools for editing product photos, mainly shiny metallic items. I'm using light tents, green screens and a dedicated space to keep the lights and set up always ready.

Cost is not so much of a factor in the decision process.


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    Hello @WVgiant,

    The best way for you to determine whether the software suits your needs is to download the demo from here:


    The demo has no time limit and all functionality can be used. The only restriction is when you export it will be watermarked. Projects created with the demo version can be opened and exported with a paid license later on if you decide to go that way.

    Imerge can be used as a general photo editor and for your use case of product photography it should be a good fit. The keying tools along with compositing tools should combine up to give you a powerful toolset. Then the batch capabilities will let you automate your process on collections of images.

    If there is any specific feature you are interested in let us know.

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