Any way you can create a green screen shot with a cast shadow in HitFilm?

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Hi Guys. 

I've been toying with this idea for a while and just found a clip for doing it in AE.  I'm trying to do the same thing in HF but just a little stuck atm

Any help on this one would be great thanks


  •  update on what i've tried.

    I've set a layer on the X axis and one on the Z axis (i'm just using a still to work this out so it won't be perfect)

    the one along  the Z axis has a Key (luminance) using it as a Matte black and white (which may or may not work the way i want in this case) set the layer blend to Screen to remove the black. 

    placed a light in the shot and 2 planes.  one on the ground, one to where the shadow is meant to fall...


    but i'm getting no shadow. 

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    Check the material properties on the shadow-receiving planes. There are toggles that determine whether or not those items receive shadows. Also check that the keyed layer is set to cast shadows.

    Mod edit: Also make certain Cast Shadows is turned on in the light layer, and make certain your preview Quality Settings are at "Full." FilmSensei has a video for that. (Triem23)

  •  ok checked them...  no idea what i'm doing wrong.

    going to try the method in this clip and see how i go...  guess i'll need to work on the other method in case i need it.

    would be nice to see if it could be done in hitfilm

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    Our tutorial on lighting and shadows actually uses a green screen clip, and shows exactly how it works.

  • Thanks heaps Axel.  I'd forgotten about this clip.  I'd been trying different things without the actual basics.

  • Yup that sorted the problem.  might need a little more help at some point but for now that'll get me going thanks heaps

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