Forum does not correctly show Read/Unread

Juda1Juda1 Website User Posts: 300

I found an Issue with this Forum: When all Messages of a Topic are read it still Shows the "unread discussions" sign in the category page. When Setting the category to "mark unread" it dissapears. 

When a new discussion is started it is showing again which is correct. But after reading that article it stays there, even if all articles are already read. It's irritating a bit when Looking for new discussions.


  • JMcAllisterJMcAllister Website User Posts: 599 Just Starting Out

    yeah that's been there a while. I think I recall one of the devs saying that it is caused by the software that the forum uses, rather than the forum itself, so they can't fix it easily. Or something like that.

  • Juda1Juda1 Website User Posts: 300

    Only commenting to bump this thread up again since this bug is still there and annoying in my opinion.

  • GrayMotionGrayMotion Website User Posts: 1,368 Enthusiast
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    @Juda1 - I believe it is a core Vanilla error. Might be a theme break...but all research shows a Vanilla error.

    FXHome has little time to tweak the the Vanilla code. IMHO - Their time is better spent on their own products. A small forum error can be dealt with. It may be annoying but I don't think it's a deal breaker is it?

    EDIT:: If I may offer a solution to the forum showing you new post - change you landing destination to Landing here will show a blue dot beside conversations you have not looked at yet. Posts with no blue dot have no "new" activity. Also you can subscribe to categories only if you don't want to see the entire my case I don't see post from the Imerge category.

    Just a thought to hopefully ease your annoyance level a bit

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