Pre-Rendering.... how??

Ok so I'm tryna edit videos but the preview quality is quite bad.

I just saw the pre-render button and though "hmmmm maybe thatll sort my issues"

but when I click on it, it doesnt do anything.

When I try again, the only option is remove pre render.

Am I missing something or is something wrong? 

plz help




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    Pre-rendering is primarily meant for composite shots. Normally when a composite shot is in a timeline (either the main Editor timeline, or another comp), it has to render its contents on the fly. Pre-rendering lets you render the comp as a video file (HitFilm manages that video on its own under the hood) and have HitFilm use that video file instead of rendering the comp's layers on the fly, which will speed up interactivity in places where that comp is used. Just be aware that if you end up changing anything in a pre-rendered comp, the pre-render is automatically nixxed.

    However, the preview quality issue you're seeing might be due to the default playback quality and/or resolution settings in the viewer.  Click the Options menu in the upper-right corner of the interface, and tweak the settings under "Playback Quality" and "Playback Resolution." 

  • @jsbarret

    Thanks dude. Ill have a look

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    @KennySpag Take a look at this video...

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