Return add-ons?

If I buy more for hitfilm 4 express, can I pay back and get the money back?

Also if I buy hitfilm pro 2017, can i return the money and get the money back?


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,238 Ambassador

    You can no longer purchase add ons for Hitfilm Express 4. However, if you upgrade to the current version of Hitfilm Express using the same email address as your HF4 existing add ons will move forward.

    You can no longer purchase Hitfilm Pro 2017, but, I believe if you purchase the current version of Hitfilm Pro, you will get a partial discount based on your existing add-ons  


  • GavinBarker
    GavinBarker Staff Posts: 98

    Hey @wholy1962

    Good question, and @Triem23 is pretty much spot on. If you have HitFilm Express at the ready and have purchased any add ons, the upgrade to Pro should factor in those purchases. The witchcraft behind the scenes on the website will calculate it for you. 

    It's worth noting that you'll be given a total before you fully purchase Pro, so you can log in using your registered email address, have a check on the website and see if there's any money taken off!


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