Export with 50fps in mp4 or mov result in an error - frame rate is not supported

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I have a CANON Legria GX10, which makes Video in UHD with 50 fps.

There are no  problemes with editing. But if I want to export, I get a error-Message, that the framerate is to high. Isn't it possible, to make an export with 50 fps?


Thank you very much for tge answer...



  • NormanPCN
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    UHD resolution exports at greater than 30fps in AVC/H.264 video is not supported by Hitfilm. Hitfilm supports the framerate in HD. Just not UHD.

    You can export a Cineform file, or Prores (if on a Mac), and then transcode to AVC from that media with some utility like Handbrake. A side benefit of this is that final encode quality will be much better since the x264 AVC encoder is so much better than everything else.

  • Ok Norman,

    Thank You for the quick answer....


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