Green Screen wont work

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Hello, I recently had to use the green screen effect on my project and noticed when I applied effects like "Color Difference key" and "Hue & RGB Key" nothing happened and the image did not change at all. I tried to search on Youtube for an answer but with no results.


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    @Dan1508 Check out this video on the Paused/Playback settings.  I will almost bet that this is what's happening, but I have been wrong on others.

    Hope this helps.  

    @FilmSensei Thanks again for throwing this out there!

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    Look for Greenscreen Key. It's a Preset containing three effects combines together, although Matte Cleaner is a bit fierce, so you might want to turn it off.

    Don't use Hue & RGB Key unless you have a specific colour to key out. Although it can be helpful on isolating awkward colours, Greenscreening is not its primary function.

    Typing in "GreenScreen Hitfilm" into YouTube comes up with dozens of tutorials, so if you need more help: one of them should steer you thrugh the whole process.

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    Wow. Thank you so much, I forgot that my computer is bad and I had set the quality to Fastest

    One thing though,there is no RAM previous button know what do I do

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    @Dan1508  Myself, I have never used the RAM preview feature.  On a slow, weaker system I would get everything edited using the a faster setting then bump it up to do the screen removal.  All these settings control is the preview window.  If you exported with them set the way you had them it woukd have removed the green like you had it set to do.

    Also, you could upgrade, I assume you're Express, to the version 10 for free and any effects you may have purchased will carry over plus I believe it will let you play with all effects to see what they might do but those not purchased throw up a watermark on export.

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    @Dan1508 RAM preview is only available in composite shots. That feature doesn't exist if you're working directly in the main Editor timeline.

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    after draging the effect to my clip the green screen is not working  i tried playing with tha min, max, gamma, screen color but it is not working


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    @SohamBhosale try watching the video in the second post of this thread. Just know the controls shown moved to the bottom right of the viewer.