FOG animations latest short independent film trailer

Tim and I from FOG animations and Garage Studio made first stop motion animation movie trailer. We love Hitfilm for our editing and want to learn more as we go. We are just beginning in filming in stop motion animation and editing so its all rough but we have made big steps. 


  • DafterThings
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    It looks good. Great set.

    As a trailer it might need something more to sell it but I'm still interested in what comes next.

    It needs some music or sound at the beginning. I thought I had forgotten to press play.
  • tddavis
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    @warbug Stop motion is the most intensive and ambitious film-making technique.  Congrats on your progress to date.  I agree with Dafter Things though about the silence during the opening.  Maybe some ambient woods sounds is all that's needed to drag the viewer along?  But it is an interesting start of a massive undertaking.

  • Thank you for watching. I agree I think I dragged out the beginning to much Dafter. The project started out as do something fun and release by Halloween. we got a new camera and seen the shots and got thinking maybe we should take time shoot this right and enter it in a film festival. We shot this quick as a trailer to get something out for Halloween. Thank you tddavis! its fun to no end doing stop motion animation. we feel its a big pay off at the end. We will keep you all posted on the release date.  

  • Rogyrue
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    Nice opening  shot i like the lighting and camera angle.

  • Thank you Rogyrue

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