30 minute video export is taking almost an hour to hit 1%

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At first this thread was originally why my video won't go past 0% exporting. but 48 minutes through making the thread (yeah I know that's way too long to make one thread but I don't know much about computers and laptops so I had to google how to find my RAM and stuff like that) it went up to 1% so now I've changed the thread to why is it so slow? I've been trying to re-edit it all day but finally decided to quit and at this rate... in 100 hours.... I will have 1 video.... could it be because I changed my twitch setting from 2,000kpbs to 2,500kbps? I feel like that shouldn't affect hitfilm at all. here is all the info I feel like may be important:

  • Computer Info:
  1. Processor & Ram (respectively):
-Intel(R)Pentium(R)CPU N3540 @ 2.16GHz 2.16GHz

-4.00GB (3.89GB usable)
  • Video exporting info:
-Task: Slender the Arrival Ep. 1/Editor

-Preset: YouTube 1080 HD

-Format: .mp4

-Video: H.264, 1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 fps, RGB

-Audio: AAC, 48000Hz, Stereo

just so you guys know it's been 1 hour 46 minutes and 15 seconds and i'm still at 1%


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    Your RAM is on the low end of the minimum specs, and I think your CPU is below minimum.  The lowest recommended Intel CPU is the Core i3, and your Pentium N3540 is slower than that from some benchmarks I found.  Based on some specs I located, the integrated GPU is Intel HD Graphics for Intel Atom Processor Z3700 Series. I'm a Mac guy, so I'll let the Windows wizards comment on how that compares with the minimum Intel HD Graphics 4000, but my gut tells me that it's likely below spec also.

    Long story short: I have several reasons to believe your machine is below the minimum specs to run HitFilm. The only way to increase the export speed is to get a better system.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,304 Ambassador

    @jsbarrett is correct. You are several processor levels below minimum recommended spec. 

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    If at all possible: Upgrade your RAM immediately. Windows itself can barely open more than a few Tabs in a Browser with only 4GB before it uses up all that, so Editing anything and it will be swapping to your HDD to use it as Virtual RAM.

    Guess what's about 100 times slower than actual RAM? Using a Hard drive as Virtual RAM.

    8GB is a minimum, 12GB or 16GB is better (Depending on motherboard specs and slots, and Windows version)

    Do you have (m)any Effects applied? You could also try turning them off and seeing which ones are a real drain on resources.

    Can a similar result be achieved in a different way? Do you have layers below other layers that are used as references for other layers (Set Matte, Displacement?) which don't need to be visible? Turn them off.

    For example: If you download Oli's latest Headless tutorial package (once you relink to all the files that are not actually on his Desktop, and make a blind stab in the dark at which file is 'Jumper' and which is 'Head') it takes over 27 minutes to export, and it's only 25 seconds long.

    Recreate the tutorial with slightly different effects and it not only plays back at nearly realtime speed in the Editor, it exports in 1m 26 seconds. Can you tell the difference? Hardly.

    Things like Glows are a real CPU hog, so use them sparingly.

    Also, do you have any composites that are included in other composite shots? If so, Proxy them. You have to wait once for those to be rendered (very slowly), but if they're used 4 times, that's a saving of 3 times they don't need to be rendered again. 

    But mainly: RAM

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    thankyou everyone, i'll try to do that tomorrow. sorry it took so long to reply I never got n email so when I came back from my trip I just tried to look up my own thread and saw I had replies. also how do I set the thread as answered?

    @Palacono actually no this was one of my most basic videos I ever made. it just had like a few snips and that was it. normally I never had this problem but the day I tried editing that one it all went to hell. the original video was like 3 hours long but I trimmed it down to 30 minutes. but yeah I made a huge mistake getting such a cheap laptop. I really need to get a MUCH better one.

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    @SenseiSenzubean To view/edit your forum notification settings, click the "Profile" link at the bottom of the forum window, then click "Preferences." Also make sure your email client isn't automatically treating incoming messages from "[email protected]" as spam.

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    @SensieSenzubean Just get some RAM first. If nothing else it'll make your laptop easier to sell if you do upgrade later.  It'll also put less wear and tear on your HDD, which is currently thrashing itself to bits trying to act like Virtual RAM. I hope you back up regularly. Do a whole disc image once every 6 months (or more often after a major change/install/update) to an external drive that doesn't get used for anything else.

    As for higher specs: Hitfilm is notoriously unable to make full use of faster GPUs or CPUs and runs no faster on, from or to, RAM Drives or SSDs than it does HDDs, so... you could spend a lot of money and end up looking at the CPU and GPU usage graphs trickling along just not much above above idle speeds. One of the Devs suggested this was not necessarily a bad thing, which is ...debatable, when other programs can and do push everything to the max with the result that they produce results much quicker.  So, RAM and more RAM.

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