Dorito Dip : A Halloween Story.

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I wasn't that happy with the outcome of my Spiderman Halloween video...

I overthought everything, took ages to get started, messed things up and then ran out of patience to correct it.

I needed something to get me less uptight and, basically, provide ready made excuses. So, I gave myself 24 hours to go from idea to publish without using any visual effects (although it was edited in Hitfilm :-) 
This is the result...

I burnt through the little lights (about 20 in all) and didn't notice the torch was losing power. Another lesson learnt

<edit> One thing I will add...
The audio for the film they are watching carries on all the way through. It's audible in Hitfilm, audible in the mp4 *but* not audible on Youtube. By then I never noticed. 



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    I think they're both fun. Yeah, the first does drag on a little long-ish, but it's still a fun short. 

    Re: the audio in the second one, I did notice the film audio abruptly dropping much lower when she starts speaking, but I could still hear it under their dialog. I've never known YouTube to have that kind of impact on audio before.

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    Thanks. @jsbarrett

    I know the mistake I made with the audio. There is a normal issue where audio volume is lower in Youtube generally. I uploaded the video and realised it needed some adjustments. Unfortunately I didn't adjust the level of the film. Having said that if you can hear it then maybe it is just my ears.

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    These were great fun! I agree that the Spider-Man video was a little slow to start, but once you'd got the sketch going it was really enjoyable! Plus was the 'multiple goblin' line a little nod to Hobgoblin? If so, many many YouTube thumbs up for you sir!

    R.I.P to those little lights in the Dorito Dip video. Used to great effect though! :)


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    Yep. A little Hobgoblin joke which was for people into their Spiderman. I did worry that I would get comments saying it is Hobgoblin not Hob Goblin but I've got away with it so far.... :-)

    As for the little lights... yep just about did their job. I did like using them though so might have a browse around
    the LifeLites site. 


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