Interested in moving away from Adobe (Possibly to HitFilm)

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So, I guess I should re-introduce myself.

I purchased FxHome's Effects Lab Lite 10 years ago (maybe) which was my introduction to filmmaking. I frequented the old FxHome forums as "Biblmac" (some may remember me, some may not).  I moved from Sony Vegas 9 to Adobe when CC came out. However, I've had lots of issues with my hardware when it comes to Adobe. This is because Adobe hates AMD processors and I refuse to buy Intel (sorry). Beyond this I've had several issues in after effects with pulling a clean key (even with an evenly lit green screen, even when shooting 422 prores, even when shooting 4k, etc) because I find that Keylight handles hair poorly. I remember having great success with Hitfilm in the past and loving it's chroma key tools (back when I was using Hitfilm Express 4).

That said, I want to replace everything (except photoshop and lightroom) from my current Adobe workflow. Most of my corporate work is either A. Chroma Key or B. Motion Graphics. Though I'm not proficient at After Effects, my skills are sufficient to get done the chroma keying and motion graphics I need to do. I believe I could save some money and headache if I switched to a Vegas/Hit Film workflow (as opposed to Premiere and After Effects).

I'm downloading the trial of Hitfilm Pro and Vegas now. I know most people here will tell me that I need to try out all the software before I can make a decision (which is a good answer) but I'm really here to get advice from others who may have made the switch or those who use Hitfilm for motion graphics. What is your experience with Hitfilm? Is it an adequate replacement for AE? Should I just get the Ignite Plugin for Vegas or is Hitfilm Pro Standalone worth the extra money? I'm really interested in those who have experience with both Hitfilm and AE.


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