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Tonight, i got a message about the new version 1.2.0 of Imerge.

I went to enhancements, where i read about "Improved installer on Windows when overwriting previous versions".  Than's good, i thought.

Then, i went to Install instructions, where i read: "Firstly, uninstall any existing copies of Imerge Pro".

Well.. that cached me totally off guard. It really took me by surprise. Is this the "Improved installer"???

Anyway, i opened the Apps&Features, in order to uninstall the old version, but.. Imerge wasn't there.

Photokey was there, Hitfilm was there, but no sight of Imerge.

I turned on my new Laptop and i did the same thing, with the same result: everything was there, except Imerge.

So, i had no other way, than to install the new version over the old version.


When i installed the "older" version, the uninstaller was REMOVED, because my antivirus (Panda) considered it to be malicious!

And indeed, the same thing happened right now, when i tried to install the new version: the uninstaller was again removed by Panda Antivirus.

Can this be the cause of the Missing Imerge in Apps&Features.. and if yes, what can we do now?


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    The install instructions are common to all FXhome products and so they are a little over cautious. That's why there is the line "Firstly, uninstall any existing copies of Imerge Pro". You don't usually need to do this with any of our software (you can just install over the top), but equally it doesn't hurt.

    The line in our update yesterday about improving the installer refers to a specific problem we'd found when testing - sometimes when there was an existing version of Imerge installed, and it was still open or still shutting down, this would cause issues with the installer. We've added some checks to the installer to cover this scenario.

    Regarding the missing Imerge in your programs list, please check under "F". Imerge is installed as "FXhome - Imerge Pro" on Windows, whereas HitFilm omits the company name. Alternatively the "Apps & Features" list has a handy search box too.

    If it still doesn't appear in that list it looks like Panda Antivirus has indeed caused a problem there, I'll try to reproduce this myself and work out why it considered the uninstaller unsafe.

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    Thank you for the clarification regarding the installer.

    Imerge can't be found in both of my computers, neither as "Imerge" nor as "FXhome".

    I tried it before installing the new version and i tried it also right now (in the newly installed version).

    There is simply nothing to see.

    I also have to mention that i reinstalled Windows 2 days ago in my Desktop computer and that my Laptop is brandnew.


    P.S. When the problem between Panda and uninstaller occurred, i informed FXhome by email.

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    That's frustrating, it sounds like when Panda removes/quarantines the uninstaller it is indeed removing it from that list (thanks for checking!).

    To provide a little reassurance, there isn't anything nefarious in the uninstaller. There isn't actually much in it at all - it's just a few basic instructions to remove Imerge's program files, shortcut link, and registry entries. I've scanned it with 3 other antivirus programs this morning and none of them have reported a problem with it. We have a working theory though, and will see what we can do to address it in the next update.

    In the meantime, you can continue to overwrite the files if you need to install updates, and if you need instructions on how to manually uninstall Imerge at some point we can provide those.

    Thanks also for the support ticket, I'll have a look at that.

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