Back to the Future Pinball at Special When Lit

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A few weeks ago I travelled to visit a particular special pinball machine set up at Special When Lit pinball club in Wiltshire, UK.

Salisbury isn’t too far from where I live and with all the machines set to freeplay (and a guarantee of no Novichok) I couldn’t resist going down.

But I wanted to make the intro for my video a bit more exciting so I dressed up in my Marty McFly outfit and filmed a nice pre-titles scene.

The first 40 or so seconds are where the real effects, grading and compositing is done. The rest of the video is fairly standard composite shots to overlay bits and pieces.

Please excuse the wind buffeting during the intro/outro, soz. I also forgot to use lapel mic when speaking to Peter, whoops. The audio tools in HitFilm are still a weak point in my view. It would be extremely useful to see a waveform in composite mode.

I'd love to know some of your thoughts and comments about what I can do in the future to improve my videos.


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    I really like the intro- nice effects!

    I've actually played Cactus Canyon before- there's one in a restaurant I go to here in America!

    Anyway, on the whole, pretty well done. I think you should try trimming down the interview during b roll- or if you're there with someone, maybe have them film Peter with another camera- say an iPhone., to shorten it. I thought all the talk about the machines themselves got a little redundant towards the end- maybe have one question about the games, one about how special it is, and one about how it all got founded- I thought the interview seemed to drag on for a while.


    The car taking off was really good- the only thing I might change would be the speed- maybe change the curves so it's taking off very slowly at first, so it seems more like a helicopter gaining momentum.


    And the ending with the spinning license plate was great- would love to know how you did it!


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    In hindsight, yes, totally needed a second camera. 5 minutes of the same angle is jarring especially when the person being interviewed isn’t particularly well spoken. I almost didn’t use it at all because of the audio issues but my wife said it was too interesting to never use it  

    There’s a lot of improvements that could have been done to flying car. I was never too happy with the rise and float. If I were doing it again I’d make sure to move the pivot point as well because when it’s jiggling it looks a bit odd. I also tried motion tracking the number plate to put something else there but it didn’t track well and warped too much. Ultimately it was only a small part of the overall video and needed to get it uploaded by BTTF day (21st October) and had to draw a line.

    As for the number plate, that’s actual footage (2 seconds I think) taken from the first BTTF and then just looped with some sound effects. Nothing really special in the way of FX but it looks quite good. 

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