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I am a Premiere Pro editor but have found their product to be way too expensive for a non-professional.  This software looks very similar so the learning curve seems like it should be small.

The first thing I did in the program was import an iphone video.  The program requires QT which I didn't have but once I installed it, the video loaded.  I clipped it in the source monitor (where is the scrobble bar???) and put it into the timeline...but the video in the program monitor was blown way up in size!  Why???  I poked around for 10 minutes and couldn't find a way, other than manually resizing by eye, to fit it to the window.  There's probably a really simply solution to this but there shouldn't have to be a solution.

I'd built my computer to rip it up while using Premiere, and it does.  I can keep both monitors at full res and not experience any jitter.  But for some reason this program won't play back any video smoothly, even at the lowest resolution.  I'm hoping there's a setting somewhere that says 'check here to play video smoothly' because I really like how this package works, at least from the billing end.

I'm hoping someone will chime in to help me get this set up properly.  OK if not, mostly wanted to point out some of the eccentricities of the program for a new-to-this-software but experienced editor.


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    Welcome! Re: the video size mismatch, my guess is that you created a project with smaller dimensions than your video file. When the project resolution matches your footage, there's no need to resize it after adding to the timeline.

    As for playback smoothness, my gut says that's because the footage wasn't transcoded first. Footage straight from the iPhone it optimized for playback, not for editing. I suggest watching this video from @Triem23 , which goes into great detail about why transcoding is useful, and how to do it using several tools. Transcoded footage will definitely play back much more smoothly.

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    Sweet, thanks!  I can't wait to dig in to this software some more and play with some of the effect add-ons :)

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    Just to clarify, HitFilm Express does not require Quicktime. Common Quicktime codecs (H.254, ProRes, and Cineform) can be decoded natively by HitFilm, without any third party software being required.

    If you have files that use other, more obscure, Quicktime codecs, then you will need Quicktime to decode them, but Quicktime for Windows was abandoned by Apple years ago and is less than reliable, and I would recommend converting those files to a different format instead.

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