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Shiny Films has got a short tutorial on speed ramping:

and he talks about two possibilities to set up the speed of a clip. You cannot crop a speeded clip, cause it will recalculate the speed and when you set a clip e.g. to 10 x faster, you see black on the end of the clip.

Now question: Let's say I have just one clip in the editor. Speed it up to 10 x faster and want to export the content. How do I export the clip without the black end?

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    What I would do:
    1. Create a Composite Shot with my clip inside.
    2. Change the speed of the clip inside Composite Shot to 10x.
    3. On Editor Timeline I would cut the Composite Shot where my speeded up clip ends (= where black screen begins).
    So in the end I would slice Composite Shot without Speed Effect on it, hence no awkward things would happen (as presented in the tutorial you attached).

    Now, exporting the whole timeline should work as required.

    Or you can always export only In-Out area, where it starts with the clip and ends at the beginning of black screen. This involves no additional editing like creating Comps and cuts etc.

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