Create my own Effect

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Hi, I'm making a video and I have a specific need to an effect that the Express does not address, and that the addons also do not address. I'm also a developer and would like to create the effect that I need. Is that possible?


  • CleverTagline
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    HitFilm supports OFX (Open FX) plugins, but they only work in HitFilm Pro. Express doesn't support the use of third-party plugins, even if you develop them yourself.

  • DreamArchitect
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    If you were to detail what effect it is you are trying to create someone here could tell you how to achieve it with the tools you have. Not all effects are available "off the shelf".  Some are a combination of many effects to create what you need. I know there are quite a few very skilled guys on here that would be more than happy to help you out if you give us more detail about what it is you need to do. 

  • shekt
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    I'm using Color Difference Key and in some cases I need to deal with reflexes on the surface that I want in my final video. That could be avoided if the light was in a better configuration during the source material recording process.

    It would be nice if a "keying gradient effect" that work more on the outer region of a mask and less on the inner region.
    Would make some work a lot easier, specially if I cannot recreate the source material.