Go Make Your Feature Film

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Over the last two years, I've been working on my feature film. It's now on Vimeo on Demand/Prime Video/other platforms. We worked for a long time trying to get it made with a studio, before doing it ourselves, and... you can too!


  • CleverTagline
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    I think aspiring filmmakers will really get a lot out of this. You talk about both the ups and downs of your attempts at making a feature-length film, and didn't gloss over your struggles. I like that you also gave a brief rundown of the schedule you followed, essentially showing that if you break it down into smaller chunks, it's more doable than some might assume at first.

  • ScottReid
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    That was downright awesome and incredibly inspiring. ?

  • GavinBarker
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    It's incredibly gratifying to hear that your overall experience actually MAKING the feature was both fun and enjoyable! It's not easy to do, and the odds are pretty much always stacked against you, so massive amounts of respect to you for doing it. But as you quite rightly said at the end...if you feel like you need to make a movie, go make a movie!

    I think a lot of people trying to make a feature or even just a short video for the first time expect it to look and be amazing and perfect, and if that isn't the case they give up assuming they're just not good enough. Every shoot and every piece of work is a learning experience, and you're a testament to the fact that it is possible. 

    Good luck with future projects! Please feel free to share anything you create, I'd love to see it! :) 

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